Preliminary Poject Competition.
80 Dwellings in Malquerencia, Toledo.

Project Promoter:
Municipal Housing Society of Toledo

Competition Information:
Plot P-26-R

80 Public Promoted Dwellings, Parking places and Sideboards.
Built area: 13948 m2

Technical Team:
Jorge Bosch Abarca. Architect
Jorge Antón Jornet. Building Engineer

Project Collaborator:
Juan Eloy Gil García. Architect
Sara Mormeneo Beltrán. Architect


The proposal intends to solve a proper housing architecture and characterize, by means of this architecture, the urban space where it is to be set. It values the importance of the scale of the intervention, which refers to a complete block.

Social housing, the most extended, the most abundant, the most important, can be also the most habitable.

The "space of the house", its capacity to adapt to its inhabitants, the possibility of a spatial shaping according to individual decisions, in relation with the way the space is used or defined, are relevant aspects in the definition of a contemporary housing architecture.

This is an occasion to insist on a contained and modest housing architecture. Suitable to Time and Means, fit to its inhabitant, too. An opportunity to re - think a more habitable housing due to the public character of the initiative. This is an occasion that we would try to use.