Preliminary Poject Competition.
Public School in Alicante.

Project Promoter:
Generalitat Valenciana.

Competition Information:
CATRD 482 / 2010. Manjón Cervantes

School profile: 6 Primary units + 3 Pre-school units
Dining room for 100 + Gym
Built area: 2480 m2

Technical Team:
Jorge Bosch Abarca. Architect
Jorge Antón Jornet. Building Engineer
Irco. Systems Engineering

Project Collaborator:
Juan Eloy Gil García. Architect
Sara Mormeneo Beltrán. Architect

The proposal aims at the resolution of an adecuate school architecture, defining as well the urban space where it is to be set.

The building slightly shows on to the street and emerges facing the passer-by movement wich ascends from the Council square.

The long vision perspective requires an appropriate scale according to the public character of the building.

A scale based on a unified volume shaping, a continuous volume standing on a light base. The unity is strengthened by the window line criteria, openings like scars on a surface, positioned and dimensioned in an informal way, allthough these are completely arranged in accordance to the inside spaces they serve.

And in the peculiar position of two main openings, positioned alternately, singular elements to look out from the inside, and to look at from the streetview.