Preliminary Poject Competition.
Public School in Almazora, Castellón.

Project Promoter:
Generalitat Valenciana.

Competition Information:
CATRD 479 / 2010.

School profile: 18 Primary units + 9 Pre-school units
Dining room 250 + Gym + Caretaker's house
Built area: 5184 m2

Technical Team:
Jorge Bosch Abarca. Architect
Jorge Antón Jornet. Building Engineer
Irco. Systems Engineering

Project Collaborator:
Juan Eloy Gil García. Architect
Sara Mormeneo Beltrán. Architect


The proposal aims at the resolution of an adecuate school architecture while defining the urban space where it is to be set. At present, this area is defined by a surrounding of different alignments, complex volumes and building heights.

The competition entry proposes a linear building, leaned on the San Ildefonso Street, in the southeast, shaping the street space as a new school square.

It values the importance that the public scale grants to the place, thus creating a new urban site.

An emphatic construction, in two floors, houses the whole functional program in two parallel buildings allowing a wide and well defined playing ground space between the school block and the existing pavilion.