Preliminary Poject Competition.
Public School in Rojales, Alicante.

Project Promoter:
Generalitat Valenciana.

Competition Information:
ATRD 486 / 2010.

School profile: 12 Primary units + 6 Pre-school units
Dining room for 150+Gym+Caretaker's house.
Built area: 3883 m2

Technical Team:
Jorge Bosch Abarca. Architect
Jorge Antón Jornet. Building Engineer
Irco. Systems Engineering

Project Collaborator:
Juan Eloy Gil García. Architect
Sara Mormeneo Beltrán. Architect


On a hillside facing southeast, overlooking the salt mines of Torrevieja and the Mediterranean Sea, one large rectangular plot has been reserved for tertiary. From this one, 12.000 square meters are intended for this new Primary school.

The surroundings are low density built, with the predominance of single-family housing or small town-houses arrangements, with an average height of two floors. Open views, wide streets and the singular topography of the site characterize the spatial sensation of the place. Absence of limits, wide view of the horizon and sky, light and silence, are determinant elements of this location. Coincidence of privileged views and an exceptional orientation towards southeast, have conditioned the approach to the proposal from the very beginning.

A proposal that fits the topography, opens up to the views and profits from our most benevolent climatic orientation.