As an architect, my work is oriented towards the design and the construction contract management of buildings. We develop the work of architecture in all its phases, from initial conception design to completion of the performed work, and have particular expertise in Housing and Public Buildings.

In every occasion, besides considering the cultural relevance of architecture as a visible and durable object, we also seek the satisfaction of the client who makes it possible. A commitment addressed through diversity with a creative architecture.

Grounded in the modern tradition of the twentieth century and inspired by the specific conditions of each occasion and each site, our work in this contemporary architecture has been always very satisfactory.

In Housing, the most relevant intervention criteria relate to the contemporary idea of "systematic diversity" of types in the configuration of the building. Furthermore formal and constructional criteria are based on the geometry derived from this systematic approach.

In Private Housing, light, spatial fluidity, and the inside-outside relationship, are the main arguments of the home. These one- family houses are surface and budget limited, but rich in visual and spatial relationships.

In Public Buildings we generally experience the plastic possibilities of its construction, in such way that material and construction are decisive in the final form. The systematization of the function has a clear impact in the structural approach. Rhythm and modulation are transferred to the construction and so, exposed structures define systematic porticos and the enclosures are resolved as planes, blind or glazed. In buildings constructed in exposed concrete, structural frames are defined by the expression of slabs and columns.

In all cases we have tried an architecture according to our time, austere and means proportioned, also beautiful in form. Without unnecessary gestures, without superfluous elements.